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Your Hometown Heating Company

It can get rather chilly in Kansas City, KS during the winter, so you will need to be sure that you have a furnace or heater that works as it is supposed to. You probably don’t want to have to repair your heater by yourself, and when you are in the area, you really don’t need to. Don’t ignore your heater once it starts to sound differently or isn’t working as well as it previously did. It may need repairs completed right away, and it could be costing you a lot of money in heating costs as well. No one wants that! Keep us in mind since we are able to service the community at CLR Heating and Cooling. We are your heating company in Kansas City, KS and we provide repair and installation services when it comes to heaters and furnaces. Contact us at (913) 283-1018 when you require any services related to this, and want to take advantage of our expertise.

Gas Furnace Repairs

One type of appliance we work with regularly is the gas furnace. This is a furnace that is a little bit different from others and can be rather dangerous for you to try to repair by yourself. It is better left to a professional company like us, which gives you one less thing to worry about. When you are experiencing issues with your gas furnace, whether it be at home or at the office, we can assist you with this. We provide heating services for both residential and commercial buildings.

Electric Furnace Repairs

We are also able to work on electric furnaces. Not only can we fix them once they start to act up, but we can also install a new one on your property if this is what you need. We don’t want you to be left shivering indoors during the winter when we are able to help you and help you quickly. You should contact us for an estimate whenever you need one, and we can tell you more about the heater services we can offer you. Electric furnaces can misbehave at the worst times, so you never know when you might want to work with us.

Heater Parts Replaced

Once your furnace or heater starts to break down or simply isn’t doing what it’s supposed to be doing, you may need parts replaced in it. Luckily, we are able to replace heater parts of multiple types, so chances are that the part that is acting up on yours, we will be able to get you a new one and install it. We work with everything from heat pumps to gas valves, and much more. If these parts don’t do the trick, we are also qualified to install a new heater for you. We want you to have the best solution to your problem, and not have to pay for expensive repairs. We can decide together what the best course of action is for your household and your budget.

A repairman looking at a laptop in front of an open heater that is being repaired.

Check with Us First

Anytime you need help with your heater or furnace, we can be around to assist you. Since we are able to replace parts or install new ones, there’s no reason to think that we will be unable to get to the root of the problem. Besides that, we can help you with AC in the summertime as well. We are a heating company that wants to work with you and make sure that you have what you need every month of the year. Let us be your heating company in Kansas City, KS, and we won’t let you down. We will work hard for you and show you why we are highly sought after. We take our time to get everything just right, so you will want to work with us for the long haul. Check with us first when you suspect your heater is going out, and you may just be able to get through the winter with a dependable heater. Call (913) 283-1018 to set up an appointment.

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