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A Technician Repairs a Commercial HVAC System.

Commercial HVAC Repair

Imagine this scenario: It’s the dead of winter and you open up your business only to find it freezing inside. Your heater just blows out cold air or won’t switch on at all. Your employees are arriving soon and customers will be coming in soon after that. Besides worrying about the comfort of employees and customers, office equipment or products could get damaged because of such extreme temperatures. You need heat fast. You can always count on a prompt response for repairs from CLR Heating and Cooling when your commercial property has no heat in Kansas City, KS. To schedule a commercial service call, just dial (913) 283-1018.

Our Commercial Services in Kansas City, KS

CLR Heating and Cooling provides a full range of commercial HVAC services, including emergency repairs. If you find your building with no heat in Kansas City, KS, you’ll want to get the system up and running as soon as possible. You can always count on our team to provide a prompt response to your commercial service call. Our team always provides exceptional service.

Commercial furnaces can stop heating for a variety of reasons. Some things you can check before we arrive include:

  • Check the power switch to make sure it’s on and switched to the Auto setting. 
  • Check your circuit breakers to make sure they haven’t been tripped.
  • Make sure the blower compartment’s blower door panel is properly closed. If it isn’t shut properly, the safety switch may prevent the furnace from coming on.
  • Make sure the thermostat is switched over to heat and at a temperature that is above the current room temperature. 

When we arrive, we will get to your furnace repair immediately. Our service technicians are highly skilled, experienced, reliable, and dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service.

Call Us Today

When you find your building with no heat in Kansas City, KS, and need a prompt response to a commercial service call, you can always count on the professionals at CLR Heating and Cooling. Our repairs are fast and effective. Give us a call today at (913) 283-1018 to get immediate help.

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