Electric Furnace Repair and Replacement

An open furnace panel being repaired.

Fixes for Your Electric Furnace

When it comes to your furnace, you need it to keep you warm when you are trying to use it. There’s no reason for it not to work properly, as long as it has been maintained regularly. If it has not, or you are unsure of its history, you may need to talk to us about this issue. We are CLR Heating and Cooling and we have experience working with furnaces and the parts that commonly need replacing. This means we are a great choice for electric furnace repair in Kansas City, KS. Another thing you should know is that we are no nonsense when it comes to taking care of you as our customer. We want to get it right the first time, so you can see why you should continue to work with us. Dial (913) 283-1018 when you are ready to learn more about us.

Is There a Problem with Your Electric Furnace?

There are some issues that your furnace may be facing, which will warrant a call to a professional heater repair company. One is that your furnace isn’t cycling properly. What this means is that it either keeps shutting off prematurely or it simply does not turn off. This could indicate that it isn’t able to detect the temperature in the room correctly or that a part is on the fritz. Another issue is that the vents may be dirty, which can be dangerous, but may also limit the amount of air that flows into the rooms in your home. In other words, all the warm air you need inside may not be getting exactly where you need it. If you are experiencing either of these problems or something else related to your furnace, we can be of assistance to you.

New Furnace Installations

In some cases, we are able to fix the problems that your furnace is experiencing. At other times, you may have to get a new furnace. We are qualified to provide electric furnace replacement in the area, so if this is what you need, there’s no reason to delay. You need to be able to trust that your furnace will keep your house warm whenever you turn it on. If it doesn’t, you must do what you can to remedy the problem. Whether this results in needing a new appliance or fixing something, this is of no consequence to us, since we offer a full range of services when it comes to HVAC systems. We have what it takes to help you since we have been in the business for years. In fact, we are certified and licensed to help with this type of service.

Reach Out for Help

Once you start to realize that your electric furnace isn’t working as well as it used to, it may be time to have it checked out. We can accomplish this, where we can tell you exactly what is going on with it and how to remedy it. There’s no reason for you to go it alone, when we can provide electric furnace repair in Kansas City, KS. We are able to help you, no matter what type of electric furnace you have. Call us at (913) 283-1018 at the first indication that something is wrong, so you aren’t left in the cold at an inconvenient time. We want to help you and make sure that you are staying warm throughout the cold winter. We also want to make sure that your furnace is working as efficiently as possible.

Antonio Torres
Replace York furnace for Goodman furnace 100000 but 96% 2 stage heat
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Antonio Torres
Install full sistem Goodman 80% 60k furnace and 2 1/2 condenser unit
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Axel Del Real
Installed Goodman Air-handler 2-ton
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Clemente Luna
Install Goodman 80k btu furnace, 3 ton evaporator coil
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