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Get a Mini Split Installation in Kansas City, KS

Want to have total control over each room’s individual temperature? Then getting a mini-split installation is your best bet. We at CLR Heating and Cooling specialize in mini split installation and we will work with your brand of choice. Whether you need installation, replacement, or repairs, we have you covered.

Benefits of Mini Split AC Installation

Getting a mini-split air conditioner installation is becoming an increasingly popular option for homeowners across the country. Installing a mini-split can provide you with various benefits, some of which include:


  • They’re compact and flexible
  • They improve indoor air quality
  • Less energy lost from leaks
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • They offer silent operation
  • Variable refrigerant flow technology
  • And much more!

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Our HVAC technicians can help you in installing mini splits in virtually any room of your home! Start saving money and gain control of your own home with a mini-split installation. Contact us today by calling at (913) 283-2032 and our friendly staff will be more than happy to provide you with free estimates on your mini split installation. Don’t settle for less than the best and let a team of highly skilled professionals install a mini-split in your desired room!

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