Air Conditioner Parts Replacement

An open AC unit that is getting repaired.

Keep Your AC Working Well

When it comes to the longevity of your air conditioner, you probably want it to last for a while. These machines can cost quite a bit of money, and a lot of planning goes into getting one that is able to output the proper amount of air in your home, especially if you still want it to be energy efficient. There are many things to consider, so you can get an air conditioner that you can enjoy and use for many years to come. At CLR Heating and Cooling, we are an AC service company, so we can help you find the air conditioner that will work best for your needs, and we can also help make sure that it keeps working well into the future. Trust us for air conditioner parts replacement in Kansas City, KS and we can help you get the parts you need, when you need them. Contact us at (913) 283-1018 when you want your AC looked at or you think it has problems, whether they are big or small.

We Can Source Major Parts

There are a few parts on air conditioners that go out more frequently than others do. This is why we are able to source all of these major parts, so if these instances happen to you, your unit will be able to be salvaged. For example, we can repair things like blowers, fans, compressors, and more. Each of these items can cause small problems, but when they are left unchecked, they can lead to big issues. That’s why it is important to call a repairman as soon as you notice that your air conditioner isn’t working the way that it used to. Even if the temperatures are rising, it should still be able to help keep your home cool, unless there are extreme conditions outside for many hours a day. If you are running your AC all day and are still sweating in your house, there is likely something wrong. This is not something that is likely to get better, especially if you simply ignore it. We can remedy broken ACs, and we will be honest with you if you need to purchase a new one. This is a last resort for us, so unlike other companies you may have dealt with in the past, we won’t suggest getting a new machine each time there is an issue with your old one. In many cases, it simply isn’t necessary.

We Install New ACs Too

Of course, if you do need a brand new AC, we can install one in your home for you. This can be advantageous for your household if yours was suffering from old age, or it simply wasn’t working efficiently. We not only can install a new unit, but we can also help you choose one if you are unsure about what you should be looking for. We are familiar with all the top brands, and we will be able to explain the specifics to you, in order to make the decision easier for you. Something else you may be interested in is that we can assist you in maintaining your air conditioner as well. You can talk to us about looking at it from time to time, to ensure that it is working effectively. This is essential to locate problems along the way, so they can hopefully be easy fixes. It may also prevent you from being met with large or surprise repair bills.

We Can Help in the Winter Also

Besides just being able to work on ACs, we can work on heaters as well. If you need parts replaced on your heater, this is no problem for us. We can source many HVAC parts, such as thermostats, heat pumps, relays, and motors, so you won’t have to worry about being cold in the summer. We will lend a hand, so you can feel comfortable, no matter the season. We will make sure that your heater or air conditioner is working properly when you work with us. We pay attention to all the details and we have enough experience to know how to fix problems.

Two new AC units outside on the side of a building.

Reach Out to Keep Cool

If you are sitting around and waiting for the problem to get worse, it likely will. Instead, you can contact us, and we can talk to you about air conditioner parts replacement in Kansas City, KS. Chances are that we will be able to replace the part or parts that are going out in your air conditioner, but if we can’t, we can help you choose a new model and install it for you. In other words, we will do everything we can to help you find a solution to your cooling problem. Reach out at (913) 283-1018 if you want to work with us.

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