Spring is AC Tune-Up Time! Be Prepared for the Hot Days of Summer

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Let’s face it, Kansas City has had some very strange weather this winter. For most of the winter, our temperatures have been above average, but we’ve had some very bitterly cold days. Now that Spring is approaching, it is the perfect time to start thinking about the hot days of summer and ensuring your home stays comfortable with an HVAC technician service.

How to Help Your AC Keep Its Cool:

Your air conditioner/heat pump needs early TLC to avoid any unwelcome surprises the first time you turn it on this season. Regular maintenance, once a year, is your best plan. Here are some tips and reasons why you shouldn’t ignore this important project on your Spring Cleaning List:

  • Plan your AC tune-up when the weather is about 65-75° to ensure your unit is ready before the big rush once warmer weather arrives
  • Earlier tune-ups can help your service technician spot issues, such as those needing AC repair or furnace repair service before they escalate into emergency breakdowns during peak heat. You don’t want to find out you’ve lost your cool on a hot day when everyone else in the KC area is calling for emergency service for their air conditioner
  • It’s cheaper to fix a minor issue before it becomes a major expense
  • If someone in your home suffers from allergies, a clean AC and furnace filter can help with indoor air quality by reducing dust and other indoor air pollution
  • Tune-ups help your air conditioner run at peak performance which can extend the life of your AC and reduce energy bills, especially if your unit is older than 8 years old
  • Better home comfort during the hot Kansas City summer
  • For newer equipment, regular AC tune-ups can keep your warranty valid and are sometimes required

Why Choose CLR Heating and Cooling:

CLR’s HVAC technician excels in thorough inspections and cleanings, including checking refrigerant levels, safety controls, and detecting leaks, as part of our comprehensive heating services and air conditioning maintenance. We evaluate airflow temperature and pressure to guarantee your unit’s optimal performance. Here’s why you should choose CLR Heating and Cooling, LLC:

  • Our technicians do a thorough job of not only inspecting your unit and cleaning it inside and out, but we check refrigerant levels, and safety controls and find potential leaks. We also measure the airflow temperature and pressure to ensure your unit will work properly
  • CLR technicians will explain exactly what tasks were performed and why. No guessing if you got what you paid for
  • Receive advice from technicians experienced in air conditioning installation, AC repair, and indoor air quality services
  • Upfront pricing – CLR stands by all recommended repairs and services, including commercial HVAC
  • CLR Heating and Cooling is there for you 24/7 in case of an emergency
  • We stand by our work – our motto is: “We’re Not Comfortable Until You Are!”

Summer is just around the corner in Kansas City, so make sure you are ready with a comprehensive tune-up from our trained HVAC technician at CLR. Whether you need furnace repair service, mini split installers, or are looking into new air conditioning installation, CLR Heating and Cooling, LLC is here for you. Call us at 913-283-1018 with any questions or to book your appointment today.

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